Supply and business firm TELESPOJ, Ltd was based in the year 1992. After her rise activity lay in supply and assembly light - current arrangement in department transport. Appearances to vehement development industry and techniques after a year 1992 respond firm TELESPOJ, Ltd on quickly transformative market requirements and to the her programme accede activities in systems high technical levels of and wide assortment technology. Herewith obliged requierement roundness supplies all light - current arrangement, mechanical preventive and high - tension arrangement and for extensive building objects and broadened action in all of Czech republic.

Next direction, which firm elected is projection engineering and counselling activity in field of light - current arrangement inclusive safeguard objects. In the area safeguard is firm member association GREMIUM ALARM, whose members are significant organization CR, interested on screen and safeguard possession. Society is as well holder confirmation Nos . 245 for work with classified realities to the quadratic wraps "restricted data" and at the same time agent companies personal certificate for step wraps "restricted data". This is exploited too for processing documentation object safeness especially building organizations and firms in connection with washing and saving classified reality. Further got certificate of inspection Nos . 0010/2001 from inspectional organ AGA accredited representative Czech institute for accredited representative and is member economic chambers. Society governs rules system quality according to specification ISO 9001 - 2000.

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